Patient Education

Live Life Well During COVID-19

At Integrity, our Vision is to be the best at helping our patients live healthy lives. In light of that, we would like to share some information regarding COVID-19.

Nearly half of all US COVID deaths have been residents of nursing home and assisted living facilities.

Those residents make up about 0.62% of the total US population. For the 99.4% of the population that does not reside in these facilities, the risk of death is much lower than previously suspected. As we learn more about this virus, it is becoming apparent that obesity and associated chronic medical conditions are significant risk factors. Based on what we are learning, we feel there are a couple of important points that we, as medical professionals, need to reinforce.
  1. Patients with obesity and associated medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension have a much higher risk of complications from COVID-19.
    • Eating healthier and getting regular aerobic exercise can dramatically reduce your risk of a more serious outcome if/when you are exposed to COVID.
  2. We need to be proactive and protect those of our population who are nearing the end of life and are most vulnerable.
At Integrity we are working to maintain a healthy balance between preventing the spread of COVID and being readily available for our patients when they need us most. We are here to help you Live Life Well, give us a call.

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