COVID-19 Update

When COVID-19 first presented itself earlier this year, there was so much about the virus that we didn’t understandAlthough there remains a lot to learn, we are learning more every day. For most young and middle age people, this infection is not dangerous. For a small percentage of older patients, the infection can be dangerous and even fatal. 

At Integrity, we initially converted nearly all of our encounters to telemedicine in order to ensure that our patients continued to have access to care.  As more evidence has become available, we have opened our doors to more in-person visits while continuing to offer remote options.

We believe that we have a responsibility to be there for our patients when they need us.

As we continue to deal with this new infection, we’d like to offer some advice for our patients. As long as the virus remains in our community, there is a risk of contracting it.

  • Those of us over the age of 65 or with multiple chronic health problems should continue to be diligent in avoiding the infection. 
  • So, wear your mask if in a crowded area and wash your hands.  Those things may reduce your chances of getting the virus but they do nothing to protect you in the event that you are exposed. 
  • A healthy diet, regular aerobic exercise, and a healthy body weight will help decrease your chances of having a serious outcome if you do come down with COVID-19.

Remember, even with this virus in our community, it is still possible to Live Life Well!

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